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Localizing your app content can dramatically increase the success of App Store Optimization (ASO) and help you get ahead of competing apps in specific local markets! Ready to increase visibility and unlock more growth?

Our services include:

  • Localization Market Study
  • App Store Optimization
  • UI Adaption – Translation, proofreading, adaptation of graphics and screenshots
  • Testing

What is Content Localization?

Content localization as the name suggests is about customizing content on the app to better serve users’ needs from different places around the world.

Imagine, if your mobile app only offers one language (e.g. English), or currency setting, would you be able to appeal to a user in Paris, or China? Probably not.

That is where app content localization comes into play. Common types of localization include different languages or even variations of the same language in larger countries for text and even graphic elements.

Still not convinced why it is essential?

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Here are 2 Simple Reasons Why You Should Invest in Quality App Localization:

#1 - Expand Your Customer Base Internationally:

Planning to take the world by storm with your latest mobile app? You will need to reach those large non-speaking English gaming markets like China, Russia, Japan, or Korea.

In such markets your competition is no longer just other global players, but localized players who are well-adapted to the needs of their domestic market.

Statistics suggests that mobile app revenue from China and India (two large non-English speaking markets) far exceed the third largest market the United States.

Want to appeal to the wallets of these international non-English speaking customers? Taking the step to localize your content is necessary.

#2 – Proven to Increase Visibility in The App Store:

Look at your local app store and observe how many of the top 10 are in local languages? Probably quite the few – and that is for a good reason!

Users tend to search based on their local languages and nuances out of habit. As a result, apps tailored to these localized preferences will appeal to them better, and rank better on the stores with more visibility and exposure due to the relevance.

A study by Dismoto, showed that a localized app achieved 128% more downloads and 26% more revenues compared to a generic non-localized app. Does that sound like a good business case to you? It sure does to us!

Why Choose Rocket-ASO For Content Localization?

We Use Native Speakers

The outcome we pursue for content localization is for the end user to enjoy the app as though it was developed in their native language.

For this reason, our content localization strategy is always complemented with our native speaking translators and proofreaders and not shoddy automatic translators.

We are Customer Focused

Every app is different. And we want to understand your unique needs to develop the right content localization strategy for you.

We are The Experts – Save Time & Money

Leave the hard work to the experts. While you technically can do an ASO audit for your own app, it takes time and plenty of effort to go through the many different factors. With our team, we provi de the perfect solution at the fraction of the time and cost – with access to the best team and tools around!

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