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You created a new mobile app, and you want to let the world know about it in the greatest way possible. You are probably looking for the most effective marketing strategy to channel your app to potential users. Why not try influencer marketing? People trust recommendations from influencers more than brands nowadays. The probability that followers pay for a mobile app after seeing an influencer promote it on social media is getting higher every year. It's instinct that drives consumers to trust real people more than huge companies. This is why influencer marketing is booming since a few years, and it is not a surprise considering the immense potential of this method.

What is influencer marketing?

Influencer marketing can be defined as the efforts offered by online influencers who are paid to recommend a product or mobile app and encourage their followers to buy it. Social media influencers are people who have a wide online presence and who use their talents and notoriety to influence people to achieve marketing goals. This includes Instagrammers, YouTubers, bloggers, TikTok users and any celebrity who is very active on social media platforms. There are a few types of influencers, from micro to mega and there are some questions you should ask yourself before spending on an influencer: Who your target audience is for your mobile app? What is your goal? Which type of influencer do you need? The answers will help you in choosing the best social media influencer for your marketing campaign.

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Essential things to consider when launching an influencer marketing campaign for your mobile app

Define your target audience

Identifying your target audience inside and out is crucial when it comes to brand marketing. This will help you select the perfect social media influencer to promote your mobile app. You should find the answers to those questions:

  • Which age groups are you hoping to reach?
  • What type of income should your potential customers have?
  • Which gender are you targeting for your brand?
  • On which platforms do your target audience spend the most of their time? Facebook, Instagram, YouTube or Pinterest?
  • What is their demographic location?

It all starts with a profound understanding of your target audience, so that you can match the appropriate influencer with the right niche to your mobile app marketing campaign.

What is your goal?

You should define what is the end objective of your influencer marketing campaign for your mobile app. What are you trying to achieve? Generally, the main and most common purposes of any mobile app marketing campaign are: gain new audiences with valuable content, boost downloads, widen brand awareness and generate sales. It's all about having a deep knowledge of your goal to make a good start.

Identify the influencers who you want to work with to promote your brand

Choosing the right influencer can be a tricky task, as you have endless options nowadays. However, not all influencers will be right for promoting your mobile app. There are many types of influencers according to follower count: micro, macro and mega are the main ones. Micro-influencers have approximately 10,000 to 100,000 followers, macro influencers about 100,000 to 1,000,000 followers and mega influencers more than 1 million. But be very careful, an influencer can have a lot of followers but a low engagement rate. People who diligently engage with content are more inclined to convert into paying customers, and this is what you are looking for. What you should also note is that, the more followers an influencer has, the more expensive it will be to collaborate with them.

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Where and how will you find the right influencer to promote your mobile app?

There are several ways to look for an influencer. Here are some of them:

  • Influencer marketing agencies: Thousands of agencies specialized in influencer marketing will give you world-class service, and offer the best strategy for fabulous results.
  • Related accounts: If you already have the name of an influencer, you will find other corresponding ones in no time just by looking on their profiles - easy tasks on Instagram, YouTube and other social platforms.
  • Hashtags: Social media platforms like Instagram will allow you to search hashtags that relate to your mobile app. You need to go through each of those to find the influencers that are interested in your specific topic.
  • Competitors: Have a look at your competitors' accounts to know if they are collaborating with influencers to promote their brands. You can then search for the related accounts of these influencers and get hold of them.
  • Tags: If your app is already making a buzz on social media platforms and getting a lot of tags in users' posts, try to look a little bit further into it. You may have a pleasant surprise and find out that influencers are promoting your mobile app.

Why is it important to track your metrics?

Once you've built a solid relationship with the chosen influencer and your influencer marketing campaign is launched, you need to track your metrics to find out if it is a success or not. In this way, you can get a chance to improve your overall results if required. Here are some of the popular metrics you need to focus on:

  • Comments: Positive comments posted on the influencer's sponsored content with your brand will give an idea on the success of the marketing campaign.
  • Amount of followers: Record the number of followers before the campaign and see if the amount increased after it's done.
  • Views: If videos and stories were part of your influencer marketing campaign, check how many views you got to know if the content was engaging or not.
  • The number of impressions: High impressions show that your content was displayed very often and your campaign reached a lot of users.
  • Conversions: Check your web traffic and track those visitors who converted into customers.
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Your influencer marketing campaign for your mobile app will definitely depend on the influencer you hire to do the job. So, take your time, analyze all the above points and choose wisely!

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