How does DeepLinking affects Aso?

The benefits of Deeplinking in ASO

The benefits of this technology are plenty. In short, Deeplinking is a technology that allows you to enter a specific page inside a mobile application by clicking on a link from an external platform (like an ad).

A good example of this would be if you were looking for information about Floyd Mayweather Jr. You could find his profile via Google, but it would take you to his Twitter profile instead of Instagram or Wikipedia. With Deeplinking, the article would know exactly where to take you in each app so that you can get the information you need directly.

What exactly is Deeplinking?

As the name suggests, Deep Linking is a process in which users or links are directed to specific content. In other words, instead of being directed to the app's home page, users will access a specific part of the application. Deeplinking affects ASO in many ways and can be applied to both iOS and Android.

1- Faster access
Once users click on a direct link from another device or internet browser, they no longer need to navigate through other pages and menus before accessing the content they want. By improving user experience (UX), this increases your chances of conversion.
2- Easier sharing
Deeplinking allows users to share specific content by sending direct links with their friends without needing additional explanations as to how they can access it (as opposed to sending an app store link). They can easily copy a link using WhatsApp or any other media platform, allowing them to reach more potential customers in less time.

How Deeplinking Affects App Store Optimization (ASO)

Deep linking is a powerful App store optimization tool and they have their place within the app marketing ecosystem. Overall, the best way to improve conversion rates is to use deep links in your ads, email campaigns, push notifications and more. Deep linking helps you increase your conversion rate by directing users to specific pages or sections of your mobile application. It also helps you improve your app ranking by enabling you to drive organic traffic from search engines.

Google Play Store

Deeplink in the description of your app

The description of the app is a very important element. The description should be very clear and concise, with keywords in it to make it easier for users to find your app. It should explain what the app does and what it does not do. It should tell users why they need the app. You don’t have to worry about repeating keywords too much, since Google Play has a limited space for each keyword and you can add those keywords in any order you want. Make sure that your description has no grammar errors or misspellings.

To ensure that your user experience is as good as possible, you should use deeplinks throughout your copy. Deeplinking allows users to directly access certain pages/information within an app without having to download and install it first. This improves user experience by allowing them to explore content within an app instead of just browsing its contents on their phone’s home screen or waiting until they have time to look through every single page in detail later on when they have more time available (which may never happen).

You can use this technique in several different ways:

  • Deep link from an external site (I recommend using Bitly)
  • App store short URL with parameters like “#DeepLink” at the end of each line so that when someone clicks them on their computer or mobile device, they will automatically go straight into whatever section or page you want them to see instead of having

DeepLink no longer refers only to Google Play Apps, it also works with iOS Apps.

DeepLink no longer refers only to Google Play Apps, it also works with iOS Apps. DeepLinking is a technology that helps you reach users who have already downloaded your app from App Store or from Google Play and bring them back to their mobile device by clicking on a link.

You know the feeling: You just found an interesting article about the new Beyonce album on Twitter and want to read it immediately. So you click on the link, but unfortunately it takes too long until the website appears. You get bored and decide to read your newsfeed in Facebook instead. But now it's even worse: Facebook opens its app instead of loading in Safari browser and asks if you want to continue reading in Safari/Chrome after you've clicked some other links. When finally everything has loaded, you can't find the article anymore because there are too many ads...

DeepLinking helps avoid this kind of user experience because once they click on a link, they are immediately directed to your app's content; furthermore, if the user doesn't have any app installed, he will be directed to your website or App Store/Google Play page directly!

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