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Looking for a solution to help improve your app’s visibility, increase traffic, and conversion rates for downloads organically? Well, that is what App Store Optimization (ASO) is all about! Is your app optimized for the maximum amount of organic traffic yet? If not, you need to get started now!

What is App Store Optimization (ASO)?

Simply put, ASO is a similar concept of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) but for discovery within the app stores.

It is essentially a process by which an application is optimized for 3 main goals:

  • Enhance its visibility in app stores when users are searching or browsing
  • Encourage traffic to the application listing
  • Long-term increase in conversion rates and organic download volume

Like SEO, there is a whole range of factors that can determine if an app is optimized. These include both on-metadata (e.g. app descriptors, promotional text, keywords, visual assets, etc.) and off- metadata factors (e.g. ratings, reviews, or downloads).

Notably, the importance and relevance of each factor differ between the two main app stores – Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Most importantly, even Apple encourages developers to optimize their apps!

Not sure how to go about it with so many factors to keep track of and optimize? Well, this is where professional ASO audit services come in handy!

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What Can an ASO Audit Do for Your App?

An ASO audit is essentially a service to help you identify the existing strengths and weaknesses of your app’s current level of ASO – with the aim to help you improve and enhance it with the right tweaks and changes. Here are some key areas in which an ASO audit can uncover potential enhancements:

Do you have the right keywords? Keywords are critical to helping consumers find the most relevant app for their needs – so ensuring you are ranking for the right keywords is key to improving visibility.

Like any other marketing platform, compelling and persuasive copy is key to encouraging customers to follow through.

Are your visual assets appealing and attention-grabbing? The audit can uncover aspects that can be further improved to help you capture the attention of your mobile audience:


Here are 3 Undeniable Reasons Why You Should Invest in an ASO Audit:

#1 - More than 65% of app downloads are from app store searches.

If your app is not yet App Store optimized, you could be losing out on a huge customer base that is searching for your type of app but not finding it in the first few rankings!

#2 - Better optimized apps lead to better conversion rates (and hence conversion costs)

No matter how the user found your app, be it through Google, social media, or a targeted ad, the app page still needs to convince them to click-through for a download.

#3 - Organic users have 25% retention rates than non-organic users

Want a more loyal user base? Acquire them through organic means rather than paid ads. A well thought out ASO strategy is critical in improving organic installs in the long run.

Why Choose Rocket-ASO For ASO Audit?

We look at the Big Picture

Being app developers ourselves we understand the end outcome is to improve the bottom line – and that reflects in the recommendations we will share with you. We pride ourselves on developing strategies that help build a strong foundation for your app in the long term.

We are Customer Focused

Every app is different. Whether you plan to list on the Apple Store, Google Play Store, or both, our team will tailor a unique ASO strategy to help your app shoot through the ranks.

We are The Experts – Save Time & Money

Leave the hard work to the experts. While you technically can do an ASO audit for your own app, it takes time and plenty of effort to go through the many different factors. With our team, we provi de the perfect solution at the fraction of the time and cost – with access to the best team and tools around!

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