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Wondering how you can improve your app store listing?

Just look at your local app store, click through and take note of what is the first thing that catches your eyes. More likely than not, it is the screenshots! And it makes sense! Visuals tend to draw attention more easily and make a stronger impact than just text! This is increasingly true with millennials who have grown up with some of the largest visual platforms in recent years – like Instagram, YouTube, Tik Tok, and more… Ready to create amazing app store screenshots that help you stand out from the crowd?

If you ever need a team of dedicated professionals, feel free to hit us up if you belong to any of the following categories:

  • Start-ups looking to make an impact with a mobile app
  • Indie developers interested to improve app performance
  • Brands or Corporations planning to make a strategic move to optimize your apps

What are App Store Screenshots?

On the Apple App Store & Google Play Store, you will notice that on the individual app listings, there tends to be an accompanying gallery of visuals – these are usually the app preview videos and/or screenshots. The idea of these visuals is to communicate the “unique selling point” of the app and essentially showcase what the app is all about in a few pictures.

How can that be done?

  • Attract attention with impactful imagery within the first two screenshots
  • Use screenshots to demonstrate a simple step by step walk-through of the app to showcase your app’s value
  • Attract attention with impactful imagery within the first two screenshots
  • Highlight the key features of the app with call-out captions
  • Localize screenshot content to appeal to different markets

Additionally, depending on whether your app is listed on Google Play or Apple’s App Store, there are differences in guidelines (e.g. dimensions, level of interactivity, etc.) you need to take note of.

At Rocket ASO, we believe in a future where apps reign supreme – a future that is not so far off.

Just look at these numbers: almost 90% of mobile internet time is spent on apps. Just a mere 10% from total domination!

Well, you are probably here because you think so too. Welcome to #TeamApps!

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What Do We Do at Rocket ASO?

Our small and growing team at Rocket ASO are a bunch of app-obsessed marketers and developers who want to help brands, start-ups, fellow developers looking for a better marketing solution in this future we speak of.

The world of apps is not for the faint-hearted or non-tech-savvy – both of which we are not. And we are excited to be the bridging partner to simplify App Store Optimization for everyone via our end to end uniquely tailored solutions – from app audits to user acquisition management.

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The People Behind the Solutions

Familiar with Tinder, Happn, Pickable, Lime, and Mojo?

Our two co-founders have earned their stripes from exciting stints around some of these happening apps – so you know they know their stuff. After working with individual apps, they are now ready to use their accumulated knowledge for the greater good – Simplifying app optimization for everyone!

Building an App-ire With You

The last pun we promise!

At Rocket ASO, we pride ourselves on having fun while working with the best technology at hand.

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