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Create Compelling App Store Preview Videos

Apart from professional app store screenshots, compelling app store preview videos also do wonders for improving conversion rates!

Statistics show that engaging app videos on the app listing can significantly improve conversion rates by more than 25%! Plus, it will also improve your ASO ranking! Win-win!

Ready to create persuasive app store preview videos that help you differentiate your offering from the rest?

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What are App Store Preview Videos?

These are essentially short videos that appear together with your gallery of screenshots on your individual app listing.

The point of a preview video? To help you demonstrate the useful features, interface, and any other interesting things you would like your target audience to know about your app.

A key point to note: Since mobile users tend to have pretty short attention spans, with drop rates after 5 seconds increasing significantly, it is best to keep the video short and snappy:

  • Google Play’s suggested preview video length ranges from 30 – 120 seconds
  • Apple App Store’s limits video length to 15 – 30 seconds
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Here are 2 Simple Reasons Why You Should Invest in App Store Preview Videos:

#1 – Short Form Video Content Is the Future of Marketing:

Just look at Instagram, Tik Tok, and many other up and coming popular platforms. Short-form video content has proven to be a great driver of engagement with users and is incredibly effective at conveying messages compared to text form. Don’t believe us? Perhaps you will think twice when you realize that more than 50% of the top iOS apps and 80% of Android apps have all included app store preview videos too.

Coincidence? We think not.

#2 – Improve Your Conversion Rates:

A well-designed app store preview video that delivers an engaging and informative preview of the app will inevitably improve the chances of a download.

However, that is on the condition that the app store video engages the user successfully.

So, creating unique content that speaks to the mobile target audience is key – from making sure the key messages are promptly delivered and easy to understand to localizing the content for different target markets.

Why Choose Rocket-ASO For Compelling App Store Preview Videos?

We tell Your Brand Story

It is not just a standalone video asset. We work with our clients to understand their overall brand concept and story, so we can create a captivating video asset that tells the same cohesive brand story across all your marketing collaterals.

We are The Experts – Save Time & Money

Leave the hard work to the experts. Understanding the many aspects of app store requirements can be tough, we get it! Which is why we have a team of experienced professionals who help you bypass all the complex steps.

From app designers to video editors, we have the best team put together for your app requirements.

Ready to convince your users with a brand-new app store preview video? Get in touch with us today!

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